iBS Wholesales & Inventory Management System

iBS Wholesales & Inventory Management System is designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It helps you to easily process the complex stock-in and stock-out operation, inventory check and balance analysis tasks that you face every day. The system also enables real-time enquiry on product inventory. By utilizing the system data, the product inventory management can be processed accurately, the detailed or integrated business analysis and the best, dissatisfaction and non-movement products management information can be collected. Furthermore, there is also detailed analysis in customers’ and suppliers’ information for business forecasting and decision-making. Therefore, it is an indispensable management tool for today’s enterprises.


  • Quick Data Import

    Data on goods, customers and suppliers can be imported to and exported from MS Excel

  • Staggered Shipments

    Easily handle staggered shipments of goods in and out, and keep track of quantities.

  • Report Analysis

    Over 100 analytical reports can be previewed, exported to MS Excel, sent as email attachments or saved as files.

  • Stocktaking

    Provides periodic stocktaking, stock quantity adjustment and mobile data collection.

  • Batch Numbers and Individual Serial Numbers

    Supports batch numbers, expiry dates and individual serial number tracking.

  • Other Functions

    Colour and size, OTO, product combinations, consignment and more.


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