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Chinese and Western Pharmacies

Common Issues in Chinese and Western Pharmacies Industry

Lot Number And Expiry Date Monitoring
Food safety regulations require monitoring of food batches and expiry dates, a big headache for merchants.
The food lot number numbering function can effectively monitor the stock batches of different suppliers and reflect the stock status of problematic products.
Electronic Payments
With all of the different payment methods available today, shops are often faced with having to manage a large number of payment machines at the point of sale.
With an all-in-one multifunction payment machine, it is quick and easy to manage.
Handling Large Numbers Of Retail Transactions
Manual processing of the huge volume of retail transactions on a daily basis is cumbersome, time-consuming and may incur human errors which result in losses for the company.
Using the accounting system and the retail management system you can post retail data directly into the accounting system, making it quick, easy and eliminating the need to enter data twice.。
Processing Payments To A Wide Range Of Suppliers
Liaising with different suppliers to purchase and pay for goods takes a lot of time to process payments and issue cheques.
The system supports accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cheque issuance functions. It makes better use of your time and enhances efficiency.
Attendance Records
Keeping track of staff start and finish times is a major difficulty faced by the retail industry. The traditional manual punch card system is fraught with errors and prone to cheating, also makes the payroll calculations more complicated.
With smart face biometric devices, you can effectively record each employee's actual time of arrival and departure from work, which is fast, simple and accurate. Management can monitor and verify at any time.
Holiday Application Process
It is a time-consuming and costly process for employees to call to the office or fill in application forms when applying for annual leave or sick leave.
By using the system's mobile device and desktop leave application function, employees can easily apply for leave from anywhere, which is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.
Extend The Sale Time At Night
Currently with the normal opening hours of a pharmacy, customers are unable to purchase medicine when they are feeling unwell at night.
The iBS Self-Service Vending System provides 24 hour access for the convenience of people who need emergency medicine. This will increase the sales of medical supplies.
Promoting Chinese Medicine
In general customers need a Chinese medicine practitioner's consultation before they can buy Chinese medicine. There are always long queues and the process is time consuming.
The iBS self-service vending system allows Chinese medicine companies to display Pre-pack Chinese powder capsules for the customers. It can also greatly promote Chinese medicine.



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