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Common Issues In Fashion, Footwear And Accessories Industry

Multi-Branch Capable Reward Points System
When a company is faced with a lot of competition from other retailers with wide ranges of special offers, it becomes very difficult to differentiate themselves from the competition.
Shopping for reward points is a very effective way to earn cash back on spending, and the more you spend, the more points you earn.
Colour And Size Function
Clothing, trousers, shoes and socks are all available in several colours and sizes, which can make inventory management and stocking more complicated.
With the colour and size function, a product matrix can be generated, making purchases, returns and sales quick and easy.
Stock Checking
At the end of each day, shop staff need to prepare reports so that management can keep track of sales.
The Mobile Checking and Sales Analysis function reports product sales in real time and allows do the allocate stock in advance.
Inbound And Outbound Consignment
With traditional management systems it is very difficult to manage incoming and outgoing consignments, which makes reconciliation between merchants very difficult.
The TPOS system offers separate incoming and outgoing consignment modules, making the process quick and easy.
Identification Of Non-Moving Goods
When you have a large warehouse with numerous stock to manage, it is common to end up with a large number of unsold items, which can lead to a backlog of goods.
The TPOS system has a no-movement alert function which, when combined with the system's promotions, allows you to revitalise old or dead stock for quick sale.
Flexible Shop Replenishment Function
When a shop replenishes its stock, the order is sent by phone, letter, WhatsApp, email or any number of other means to the head office purchasing department, and the buyer is overwhelmed with requests for goods from each shop.
The mobile shop replenishment function in the system eliminates all these problems and makes it quick and easy to categorise the replenishment requests.



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