The Modern Guide to Dried Seafood & Ginseng Retailers 2022

When it comes to the festive season, local people like to give seafood ginseng and bird’s nest as gifts, and cook seafood cuisine to celebrate with family and friends. Due to the epidemic in recent years, people are more concerned about the use of Chinese medicine to strengthen their health, and the supply of medicine always overwhelms the demand, which boosts the business turnover of seafood and ginseng stores. However, many seafood and ginseng stores in the market are quite old and operate in a more traditional way, most of them are manually operated, which is not enough to meet the growing business and the demand of modern consumers.

To keep up with the times and accelerate operating efficiency, seafood and ginseng stores can start with a multifunctional retail and wholesale system. The TPOS retail and wholesale inventory management system developed by iBS includes four major components: purchasing, wholesale, inventory and stocking, which are interlinked to effectively reduce the front-end checkout and back-end wholesale operation process. On the front-end, seafood and ginseng stores often face problems with traditional weight unit calculation, such as catty, tael and mace, as well as decimal and hexadecimal conversions, which are very complicated, time-consuming and easy to make mistakes. Simply use TPOS retail and wholesale inventory management system to provide pounds, taels and mace to convert easily, making it easy to use and reducing checkout time and errors. The system provides a one-stop electronic payment terminal that supports a variety of electronic payment tools, bringing more convenience and flexibility in line with the development of electronic payment.

With a wide variety of herbs, seafood, bird’s nests and mollusks, ginseng and seafood stores need to keep track of their inventory to speed up the procurement process and reduce the stockpile. By using the TPOS retail and wholesale inventory management system, merchants can simply scan the barcode or enter the item number to check the inventory in real time, and support batch number, expiration date and individual serial number tracking. Moreover, the system provides segmented receiving and shipping functions, so that all data can be easily followed up at a glance, significantly improving the efficiency of purchasing and wholesaling.

Due to the limitations of the traditional manual operation, it is difficult to implement promotional activities and affect the long-term growth of business. TPOS retail and wholesale inventory management system can set up various types of membership, with various features including: special discount, membership upgrade, earn and use points for shopping…etc, all can be used as cash to encourage customers to spend in the long term. In the process of pursuing innovative business systems while preserving traditional food culture, seafood and ginseng stores should seize the opportunities brought by the new era to further enhance their business.