The 4 Most Important POS Trend You Need to Know in 2022

In 2022, POS systems are not new to retail merchants. Many companies have come across or even installed different POS systems, however, in a challenging business environment where all industries are being hit by the pandemic, will the POS systems installed by merchants can cope with the impact and opportunities brought about by economic and social changes? Check out this year’s latest 5 must-have features of POS to acquire a complete and efficient system!


1. e-Payment ready
The TPOS retail and wholesale inventory management system developed by iBS provides a one-stop electronic payment terminal that supports a wide range of electronic payment methods, including Octopus, Visa and Master credit cards, UnionPay, WeChat Pay and AliPay, which are the most widely used in Hong Kong & Macau. The more electronic payment methods merchants can accept, the more convenience they can offer their customers. With user-friendly payment gateway design, such as contactless credit card payment, QR Code and NFC payment, it increases consumers’ desire to purchase and benefits business development. The TPOS system is easy to use, practical, time-saving and efficient. The eftPay All-In-One payment device can handle various payments type and no need to install additional capture devices, and the time and cost of applying to each payment service provider can be significantly reduced.


2. Customer relationship is the KEY
In the aftermath of the pandemic, economic downturn and fierce competition, merchants often offer a variety of discounts to attract customers to consume. The TPOS retail and wholesale inventory management system provides a variety of discounts and the ability to customize discount amounts and promotion formats, giving flexibility to match with the latest promotion and discount strategies of your business at any time. The system also provides a detailed and completed membership system, which allows you to set different discounts by membership level, convert spending into membership points immediately, redeem membership points, and even more advanced functions such as membership extension, extra points or discounts for members’ birthday month. Through the system, merchants can understand members’ shopping habits from multiple perspectives, which can be used as the basis for big data analysis and then tailor-made unique offers for members to enhance customers’ loyalty to the brand.


3 Real-time records for instant access
In the fast-changing retail environment of Hong Kong & Macau, efficiency is also a key concern for customers. Therefore, our TPOS system emphasizes real-time recording and updating, ensuring that merchants have real-time access to inventory records, as well as procurement plans and sales forecasts to stay up-to-date and responsive to business conditions. The system also provides a real-time product information checking function, which is very useful and fast for both our staff and customers, and greatly enhances the sales effectiveness of our stores.


4 Detailed data analysis
Data is one of the most important assets of an enterprise, whether it is sales records, inventory count, customer information, etc. It is important to ensure that all kinds of data are fully grasped and analyzed in detail, so the TPOS system developed by iBS provide more than 100 types of analytical reports, which can be previewed, exported to MS Excel, email or file storage. Management can track sales over time and forecast future market trend and customer demand to adjust budgets and operational policies for business success.