Start your eCommerce with iBS online sales platform today!

With the development of the Internet and changes in customer spending habits, online retailing has become a major trend. Traditional retailing relies solely on physical stores for sales, which is not only costly, but also limited by geography and business hours, making it difficult to sustain sales growth. However, it is not easy to set up and operate an online store from scratch. The process from website design to operation and management is very complicated and often requires a huge cost.  In view of this, iBS has launched its own integrated solution for retail, wholesale and online sales, providing a one-stop online store service with easy operation for corporate customers.

The integrated solution provides complete online store functions, including product information, inventory, order and customer management, etc. Customers do not need to set up their own online store platform and can start using iBS online sales directly, which greatly reduces the preparation work and cost of setting up an online store. It is highly functional and supports instant online payment and various payment methods. It also allows for online ordering, while store inventory and online store inventory are handled separately, making it easier for customers to keep track of inventory status.

Although the iBS online integration solution has many functions, it is very easy to operate and has a clear interface, so that administrators can easily manage all online store information without the need for additional IT technicians. Since the platform is connected to the TPOS retail system, customers do not need to re-enter all the product information and it can be displayed on the online store, so the product information is clear at a glance, and it is quicker and more convenient to update the online store products. Online store customers can also enjoy a quality and convenient online shopping experience.

Customers are free to create their own online store content and style to fit their business. Meanwhile, the platform supports member points system, so customers can formulate various member promotions according to their needs. Member points can be processed and updated on the online store in real time, and even synchronized with offline promotions to enhance the effectiveness of the activities, so that sales can be doubled with half the effort.

With the iBS online sales platform, you can easily create an online store and conduct sales activities 24 hours a day, anywhere and never miss a single customer. Once you have a systematic online store, you can expand your customer base with various online promotions to increase your online visibility, and your business will flourish.