Realizing Post-Pandemic Opportunities: Frozen Meat Industry

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, many Hong Kong citizens are changing their dining habits to cook at home, in order to reduce the virus spreading risk and to comply with the government’s policy. As a result, consumer demand for frozen meat and frozen foods has increased greatly, creating many business opportunities and new challenges for the industry.

Inventory levels are always the key to success in the frozen meat and frozen food industry when facing increasing demand. The iBS retail and wholesale inventory management system with Meat Cut module is designed specifically for frozen meat stores to conduct regular inventory counts, systematically and clearly identify the best-before dates for all stocks, which helps you to plan ahead and minimize the risk of food expiration. This helps you to reduce the loss incurred by overdue food items.

E-payment has become mainstream since the implementation of the voucher program. With all the different payment tools available today, many retailers often need to place a lot of payment machines at the cashier, which also causes trouble for back office staff to manage their accounting. With our POS system, integrated multi-payment machines, we provide one-stop support for all major e-payment instruments, including Visa and Master credit cards, Octopus, Wechat Pay and Alipay, which are most commonly used by Hong Kong people, meeting most of the customers’ needs for digital transaction.

Besides, the TPOS developed by iBS provides direct electronic weighing function, which allows customers to weigh and pay directly at the cashier, making the process quick and straightforward. It not only reduces the workload of staff and potential human mistakes, but also saves the checkout process, enhancing the customer’s shopping experience. Call us today to schedule a free consultation to enhance the competitiveness of your frozen meat and frozen food business and seize the opportunity!