New One-Stop Kiosk System to Seize 24/7 Business Opportunities

Self-service vending business has been growing in recent years, spreading to all major districts in Hong Kong, including transportation terminals, shopping malls, schools, corporations, hotels, clubhouses and retail stores. From beverages to snacks, kiosks now offer not only foods but also daily goods, consumer electronics, toys, etc., providing convenience to customers, indicating that the business opportunities are boundless.

The iBS one-stop kiosk system is a perfect solution for retailers who want to expand their kiosk business. It is quick to get started and easy to manage, and it is a multi-functional system that improves competitiveness and sale. It supports different types of products, including household products, health food, snacks, etc. The system also provides refrigeration capabilities allowing you to sell frozen beverages, which provides a variety of product choices. Merchants are able to configure product specifications, specify or combine different product channels, product quantities, pricing, and also accept different payment methods including Octopus, Alipay, WeChat, VISA, Master, Apple Pay and PayMe for the convenience of all types of customers.

Not only selling products, the system is also able to show advertisements during idle time to generate more revenue. After a customer has selected a product, the system can ask if he/she wants to watch a short advertisement (which can be customized in length) and receive a discount if the customer chooses to watch a short video. Moreover, the system has some innovative features, such as introducing mini-games where customers can get different discounts with their scores in the game, which could make the shopping journey more interesting and interactive. There is also a unique “Mystery Shopping” feature, which offers customers a mystery gift when purchasing at the kiosk. This will enhance the customer shopping experience in many ways and make it easier for your self-service kiosk to stand out from the crowd.

With 24/7 kiosk sales access, reliable and real-time monitoring is essential. With a big screen display, the iBS kiosk system monitors over 100 machines in real time, providing instant access of sales and reporting any issues with the kiosks, for example, which kiosk is disconnected, which pipeline has been jammed, and which of them requires restocking. Surveillance helps retailers respond immediately to reduce the risk of losing customers and maintain a stable level of service. Furthermore, the system supports different business models, including single store, chain store and franchise models, making it suitable for all retailers. The iBS kiosk system is designed to meet the needs of customers in different industries with new and professional technology.