iBS HRMS – Complete Guide on Managing Your Human Resource

An efficient HR management system not only relieves the workload of HR staff, but also benefits all employees and enhances the productivity of the whole team. iBS HR management system is a closely interlinked system that includes 7 elements: electronic attendance system, time and attendance, leave, payroll, MPF, mobile GPS attendance and tax filing. HR work is made easier with a simple and accurate way to save time and money for your organization.

The iBS HR management system starts from the basic employee carding and attendance, which helps to track and verify employees’ working hours and late arrivals and departures, which is helpful to calculate overtime allowance and payroll deduction for late arrivals and early departures. The system also supports the scheduling of employees’ shifts, allowing managers to arrange and deploy staff in a flexible way, while also making it easier to keep track of every staff’s working hour. Moreover, the system can calculate employees’ annual leave and annual leave increment, and provide different levels of welfare, including annual leave, medical allowance, overtime allowance, etc., which can meet the needs of different enterprises.

Our system also supports the calculation of statutory salary and annual leave in accordance with the Hong Kong Labour Department, providing employers with salary setting formulae, such as 1X, 1.5X, 2.0X for overtime allowance, and can also meet your custom calculation needs for transportation allowance and meal allowance. As a result, HR staff no longer need to spend a lot of time to calculate complicated salary formulas, which can significantly reduce human errors and speed up the salary calculation process to enhance company management efficiency.

It is convenient for employers to keep records of employees’ information and salary records, and customize the payroll format, while the payroll records can be directly uploaded to the relevant banks for overdubbing. Other than basic payroll, the system includes MPF and tax calculation, which can export MPF contribution and data to MPF scheme providers for processing, and it also supports the tax calculation and tax filing function, you can export the year-end electronic tax return to Inland Revenue Department in one-stop.

Designed for employers and HR departments, iBS HR Management System not only enhances employers’ efficiency, but also brings convenience to all employees. Employees can log in with their mobile phones to access their attendance and leave records at a glance anytime. The brand-new “Mobile GPS Attendance System” is a great replacement for the traditional time and attendance card system, making it quicker and more accurate to handle the tedious human resource management process and affairs.