How to improve the efficiency of your business with a one-stop POS system?

In the wake of tech advancement, inventory management combined with big data has become the new norm in the retail industry. Many retailers often invest a lot of resources and time to design and operate a variety of merchandising tools, aiming to find the key to enhance competitiveness. However, for SMEs, traditional separate sales tools are not easy to integrate and the barrier of operation is relatively higher. With this in mind, iBS provides a one-stop POS system that integrates inventory management, marketing, intelligence management, membership analysis and other tools into one software system, perfectly linking all sales resources and making your retail management more convenient.

The integrated POS system helps you quickly create SKU (stock-keeping unit) and barcode for each item, so that every staff in their position can find the relevant item at any time, whether the item is in stock, sold, returned or exchanged, or ordered to the store for transfer, etc. All the necessary information can be clearly listed out, and more efficient when looking for goods. You will be able to find the information you need at a glance.

With the streamlined design of the one-stop system, users can view sales reports through the POS system backend as soon as goods come in or go out, and they can use the data to perform advanced operations at any time, such as finding out the average sales volume of a product, predicting how long it will take for a supplier to deliver, setting a “safety level” for a product, and so on. Whenever the quantity of an item falls below the safety level, you can order the item from the supplier in advance to avoid out-of-stock situation of popular items.

Apart from the above-mentioned issues, stores have to handle a lot of tedious tasks on a daily basis, and the integrated POS system can significantly reduce the daily workload. For example, when printing receipts, the cashier may occasionally encounter invalid or blank receipts, which may lead to discrepancies in sales and inventory records. The one-stop POS system provided by iBS can perform checkout and receipt printing simultaneously, as well as send receipt numbers, transaction times and other information to the backend. Even if there is a system failure, the transaction records can be fixed with a simple step, making the process convenient and efficient.