How to Drive Customer Loyalty with POS System in 2022?

To enhance customer loyalty in a competitive retail world, a well-organized and seamless membership system is the key to transform customers from one-time shoppers to loyal customers. A well-designed membership system can attract repetitive spending, gain trust in the brand, build positive word-of-mouth, gradually form a long-term stable customer base, and reduce the cost of attracting new customers. Furthermore, brands can also collect data through the membership system to understand customers’ preferences and consumption habits, so that they can develop more precise promotion and sales strategies, and even implement personalized services to capture the hearts of their members.

However, running an efficient and attractive membership system is quite a challenge, from converting spending to points, calculating rebates and discounts, redeeming or giving exclusive member benefits, handling different membership levels and various promotion upgrades, etc. The strategy and costing involved are all challenging. For retailers, a multi-functional, accurate and easy-to-use membership management system can help them to solve many operational problems and improve operational efficiency.

The TPOS retail and wholesale inventory management system developed by IBS is a perfect solution for retail merchants. The user-friendly system provides a detailed membership system and different discount settings. Basic functions include setting discounts by membership level, converting spending into membership points immediately, redeeming and using membership points, and even more advanced functions such as membership renewal, extra points or discounts for the member’s birthday month, welcoming gifts, and restrictions on points usage. The management system is simple and clear, ensuring that store staff can handle all membership-related operation easily, also providing a happy shopping experience for all your valued customers.

Apart from the accurate and reliable membership system, TPOS retail and wholesale inventory management system also includes many types of discount settings, which can perfectly match the marketing department’s latest promotion and discount strategy at any time to attract new customers with various promotions. When new customers join the membership system, they will gradually become loyal customers, and the competitiveness of the retailer will be boosted, making it easy to stand out in the market.