Digitalized Financial Accounting: Sales, Bookkeeping, and Tax Filing

Accurate accounting records and clear reports make it easier for management to grasp the company’s financial situation, so that they can effectively set budgets and use resources to increase operational performance. However, many companies still use the traditional manual bookkeeping method or using various software to handle different financial records, resulting in errors and time consuming. iBS Financial Accounting Management System provides one-stop multi-functional management services, making business finance management easy and convenient.

From the day-to-day operation level, iBS Financial Accounting Management System provides accounts receivable and accounts payable settlement function, which can record every transaction with suppliers and customers in a detailed and accurate view of revenue and expenses, with support for bank reconciliation service to reduce errors and confusion. Users can set up their own financial report format according to their needs, such as balances, profit and loss statements All reports can be reviewed at any time throughout the year, regardless of the year-end or time of year, so that they can understand the current profitability and adjust their budgets and operating policies instantly, which is very flexible and convenient. In addition, all records and reports can be exported to MS Excel for easy access and auditing. With clear and accurate day-to-day accounts, year-end tax filing is much faster and less time-consuming.

For large corporations with different subsidiaries, the system does not only handle the financial records of a single subsidiary, but also the data of multiple entities at the same time, and provides the capability to consolidatemultiple companies. With the system’s support for multi-currency reporting and the ability to re-value foreign currency assets, it is ideal for companies with overseas operations that can easily grasp their overall financial status even when multiple currency operations are in place.

As transaction details and financial status are confidential documents, the system places a high priority on data security and confidentiality. Users can set access rights for individual users and create records and reports that can only be accessed by top management. Moreover, the system provides dual password login to reduce the risk of data leakage. The system is suitable for all industries and makes bookkeeping less complicated and more convenient for your corporation.